Administrative Structure

I General administration Public office, press office, school, cultural and sports office, legal affairs, human resources, economic and transport promotion, youth office, electoral office, Glückauf-Halle, insurance matters
II Financial management Collection office, tax office, municipal treasury, organisation of data processing, IT
III Ordnungs- und Bürgeramt Meldewesen, foreigners, identity card and passwords, health police tasks, tasks of the local police authority, police tasks in nature and environmental protection, disaster control, insurance matters, traffic, trade, civil status, citizenship, naturalization, office for administrative offences, fire brigade, asylum matters, homelessness, chimney sweeping
IV Bau- und Umweltamt Bauverwaltung, building regulations, urban development, building construction, civil engineering, lighting, gardening and cemetery, building yard and vehicle fleet, public facilities, real estate, cost accounting, sewage disposal, social affairs, economic development, rat control, development, development contributions, urban land use planning