Museum of local history Spiesen - Haus Lion Gänselieselplatz 1 66583 Spiesen-Elversberg Opening hours: Every first Sunday of the month from 15:00 to 18:00 h. Other viewing appointments can also be arranged by phone at 06821-72466 (Dieter Blankenagel) The entrance is free

Since January 2015, the local museum has been housed in one of the oldest farmhouses in Spiesen, the Haus Lion. Here contemporary witnesses of the history of Spiesen-Elversberg are kept and exhibited with the corresponding documentation in order to make them accessible to an interested public. The exhibits are placed in thematically arranged showcases and give insights into the historical periods of our community from the earliest beginnings to the present. In addition to the Celto-Roman prehistory, the history of the church and the structural development of the village, mining tools are also a focal point. These exhibits are supplemented by a collection of precious stones and minerals and by the permanent exhibition on the history of Jewish fellow citizens in Spiesen. Throughout the year, various historical or artistic temporary exhibitions complete the museum's range of exhibits.

The Heimatstube in Elversberg St. Ingberter Straße 19 66583 Spiesen-Elversberg Opening hours : every second Saturday of the month from 16:30 to 18:30

The Heimatstube was presented to the public in November 1996 in the rooms of the local council of Elversberg. But the preparations for this started already in 1984 when the then deputy mayor, Ludwig Mayer, wanted to decorate the local council office of Elversberg with old pictures. He collected many historical pictures over a decade and finally exhibited them in the new local council office. He arranged the pictures according to the following themes: Old village views and old houses, old and new clubs, personalities from politics, religion, art and sports, fallen soldiers of the last war. Historical documents and maps, geological exhibits and mining equipment were provided by Jürgen Seegrün of the Spiesen local history association.

Community archive in the Mittelbergschule Pastor-Kollmann-Str. 2c 66583 Spiesen-Elversberg The archive was established by the archive statutes of 25 April 1997 on the basis of the state archive law of the Saarland. The head of the editorial board, Dr. Dieter Bohn, has built up and looked after the community archive in an honorary capacity. The entire archive holdings were recorded in databases, of which back-up copies are constantly being made and kept in various locations. By the end of 2006, these databases already contained over 17,000 records. The community archive is divided into the following holdings:

  • Historical Department (records until 1974)
  • Main department (documents of the municipality of Spiesen-Elversberg from 1974)
  • Department Social Groups
  • Department of Economics and Transport
  • Department Individuals
  • Collections

Contact person: Stephan Friedrich Phone: 06821 72506