Coat of arms

On application of the municipality to the Minister of the Interior on 26 April 1976 and after approval by the State Archives on 18 May 1976, the new municipal coat of arms was awarded with a certificate dated 31 May 1976. At the same time, the colours red and yellow were also awarded as municipal colours. The blazoning of the coat of arms reads as follows: In red a golden lace, covered with a crowned red lion, who holds in his right paw a black miner's lamp with silver glass and red flame; the lace on both sides accompanied by a continuous golden cross. The coat of arms symbolizes the name of the place with the lace. The red lion in the golden field was the coat of arms of the first Counts of Saarbrücken, who were originally landlords in and around Spiesen. The two monasteries of Wadgassen and Neumünster, which later shared the Spiesen estate, are symbolised by the two crosses.